Storm approaching

“Storm Approaching”, pastel on board

Watching storms approach the coast fills me with a sense of quiet alarm, knowing that something wild and fierce will be upon us soon. Apprehension turns to delight as I race the storm front home, just making it through the front door as the first fat raindrops strike. Then it’s a cosy feeling of safe snugness as I settle in with a mug of something hot, watching sheets of rain batter against my window.

Wishing you all a cosy weekend ahead!


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  1. Beau T, 15. September 2012, 5:57

    Brilliant work. I love the patch of regular sky vs storm clouds. I tried pastel at one stage but obviously there is a special technique because your stuff is amazing and my stuff, well it was more like powder smeared on a board lol

  2. Kel, 15. September 2012, 8:01

    Cindy, it’s such a delight to follow your process through a painting
    thanks for sharing it

  3. Karen Hull, 15. September 2012, 9:44

    This is stunning Cindy – and loved seeing the progress shots too – fabulous!!! :)

  4. Bren, 16. September 2012, 0:38

    Love this piece, you really captured that breathless feeling of approaching storm clouds. Seeing how you develop a painting is always fascinating to me.

  5. Rita McGregor (soulcomfort), 16. September 2012, 9:48

    OMGosh! I love the contrast of the blue of the storm and the blue of the sea…and then the light sand. This is beautiful!! :)

  6. Kathleen, 17. September 2012, 2:06

    Very beautiful Cindy and interesting to see the step by step progress. What kind of pastels do you use? I know nothing about them but love seeing your work and that of your students.

  7. diane, 17. September 2012, 10:52

    Not only an artist but a writer too.

  8. Cindy, 20. September 2012, 22:31

    Thank you all – I’ll be out there with the camera late tomorrow when a major storm system hits the coast. Maybe.

  9. Andrija Kvaich, 25. September 2012, 22:59

    love it love it! you were in the same theme as me with the storm stuff if you saw my lost at sea piece that i recently takes some summing up to conjure that feeling and put that feeling onto canvas, you have done well to achieve that :)


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